Könyvajánló: Emma Donoghue – A csoda

"Ha egy olvasó szimpátiáját egyszerre túl sok arra érdemes alanyra hívjuk fel, akkor nem marad belőle elegendő ahhoz, hogy bárkiért is könnyet ejtsen." Író: Emma Donoghue Cím: A csoda (The Wonder) Kiadó: Alexandra Kiadás éve: 2017 Oldalszám: 320 Pontozás: 4,5/5 Ha a mai és a 19. századi Írország közé nem is tehető egyenlőségjel, egyetlen ország … Continue reading Könyvajánló: Emma Donoghue – A csoda


Book Review: “Nothing” by Janne Teller

Nothing matters. I have known that for a long time. So nothing is worth doing. I just realized that. Title: Nothing Author: Janne Teller Publisher (of HU translation): Scolar Kiadó Date of (HU) Publication: 2011 Rating: 5/5 Well, as this book hasn't managed to push me to jump out of the window and end my … Continue reading Book Review: “Nothing” by Janne Teller

Book Review: “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” by Susanna Clarke

"Mr Norrell, it is not the duty of the court - any court - to exalt one person's opinions above others! Not in magic nor in any other sphere of life. If other magicians think differently from you, then you must battle it out with them. You must prove the superiority of your opinions, as … Continue reading Book Review: “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” by Susanna Clarke

Book Review: “Northanger Abbey” by Jane Austen

" 'I do not understand you.' 'Then we are on very unequal terms, for I understand you perfectly well.' 'Me? Yes; I cannot speak well enough to be unintelligible." Title: Northanger Abbey Author: Jane Austen Publisher: Collector's Library Date of publication: 2004 Rating: 5/5 You know, Facebook may have many disadvantages but I'm incredibly grateful … Continue reading Book Review: “Northanger Abbey” by Jane Austen

Book Review: “À bientôt…” by Roger Moore

* I received a free copy from Kossuth Kiadó in exchange for my honest review. * Title: À bientôt... Author: Roger Moore Publisher (of HU translation): Kossuth Kiadó Date of (HU) Publication: 2018 Rating: 5/5 Almost a year ago, we lost another amazing human being: British actor Sir Roger Moore left us on 23 May … Continue reading Book Review: “À bientôt…” by Roger Moore

Book Review: “How to Write a Thesis” by Umberto Eco

"The 'thesis neurosis' has begun: the student abandons the thesis, returns to it, feels unfulfilled, loses focus, and uses his thesis as an alibi to avoid other challenges in his life that he is too cowardly to address. This student will never graduate." Title: How to Write a Thesis Author: Umberto Eco Publisher (of HU … Continue reading Book Review: “How to Write a Thesis” by Umberto Eco