Valentine’s Day: Top 10 Break-Up Songs

Remember my post with romantic songs? I recall that I warned you then and there that you should expect no hearts and flowers from me. My recent book reviews about Regency romances might have seemed to belie that declaration of mine but rest assured, I did not turn romantic. I temporarily allowed myself to enjoy the perfection of fictional characters and relationships, but when all is said and done, I subscribe to the truth behind the following passage:

“I learnt that men were moved by a savage egoism, that love was only the dirty trick nature played on us to achieve the continuation of the species.”
(W. Somerset Maugham: Summing Up)

I think that every relationship is doomed to fail sooner or later, for one reason or another. “Forever” is a bloody nonsense. I say, if you are in a relationship, enjoy it while you can – and when it starts to stink, get out and never look back.

“Scarlett, I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together and tell my self that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken–and I’d rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I lived. Perhaps, if I were younger -” he sighed. “But I’m too old to believe in such sentimentalities as clean slates and starting all over. I’m too old to shoulder the burden of constant lies that go with living in polite disillusionment. I couldn’t live with you and lie to you and I certainly couldn’t lie to myself. I can’t even lie to you now. I wish I could care what you do or where you go, but I can’t.”
(Margaret Mitchell: Gone with the Wind)

So, after having set the tone for my lovely Valentine’s Day post, I think it’s time to jump over to the part where I list some great break-up songs. (I apologise in advance to all those in a happy relationship 😉 )

  1. “Baby, Don’t You Break My Heart Slow” by Vonda Shepard

    But I’d rather you be mean than love and lie
    I’d rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye
    I’d rather take a blow at least then I would know
    But baby don’t you break my heart slow

  2. “Knowing Me, Knowing You” by Sean Allan Krill

    Knowing me, knowing you
    There is nothing we can do
    Knowing me, knowing you
    We just have to face it
    This time we’re through
    Breaking up is never easy, I know
    But I have to go
    Knowing me, knowing you
    It’s the best I can do

  3. “Jar of Hearts” by Lea Michele

    Who do you think you are?
    Runnin’ ’round leaving scars
    Collecting your jar of hearts
    And tearing love apart
    You’re gonna catch a cold
    From the ice inside your soul
    So don’t come back for me
    Who do you think you are?

  4. “Smile” by Lily Allen

    At first when I see you cry,
    Yeah, it makes me smile, yeah, it makes me smile
    At worst I feel bad for a while,
    But then I just smile, I go ahead and smile

  5. “Divorce Separation Blues” by The Avett Brothers

    I’ve got the tough education
    No celebration
    Bad communication
    Worse interpretation
    Love deprivation
    Pain allocation
    Soul devastation
    Cold desolation
    Life complication
    Divorce separation blues

  6. “When the Heartache Is Over” by Tina Turner

    Sometimes I look back in anger
    Thinking about all the pain
    But I know that I’m stronger without you
    And that I’ll never need you again

  7. “Stepping Stone” by Milow

    We should have a word together
    It’s time we break our fall
    Because trying isn’t always better
    Than not trying at all

  8. “Can We Still Be Friends” by Vonda Shepard

    Let’s admit we made a mistake but
    Can we still be friends?
    Heartbreak’s never easy to take but
    Can we still be friends?

  9. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

    At first I was afraid
    I was petrified
    I kept thinking I could never live without you
    By my side
    But then I spent so many nights
    Just thinking how you’ve done me wrong
    I grew strong
    I learned how to get along

  10. “Take a Bow” by Rihanna

    But you put on quite a show
    You really had me goin’
    But now it’s time to go
    Curtains finally closin’
    That was quite a show
    Very entertaining
    But it’s over now
    Go on and take a bow

(Disclaimer: I didn’t have a break-up, I just really enjoy these songs 😀 )


So, what did you all do on Valentine’s day?


19 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Top 10 Break-Up Songs

  1. These songs may help out when the relationship dont work out anymore. It is ashamed that I did not celebrate the Valentine day! No heart no flowers in Valentine day :(, I guess may be I should listen to some of these song! “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor is just great for me!! Love the lyrics!

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  2. What a sweet playlist, I see a lot of melodic variety even though some of them are talking about the same thing. I have a friend who might just enjoy number 8, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah I can relate to your post so much! Its nice to see another Valentines day post that wasn’t smooshy, yes! You commented recently on my Jar of hearts nail art saying that the Lea Michele version was your favorite, of course I had to Youtube it, her voice is so perfect for that song, I really like that version too now! Great compilation 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoyed that about your post, too! Emotions seem suddenly so heightened, it’s great to come across something less touchy-feely. 🙂
      I’m so glad you like that version! I think she has such a passion and power in her voice.


  4. I really like the Lea Michele version of Jar of Hearts, her voice is so incredible. I really like a good break-up song, I feel like some of the best songs have been produced by heartbreak, sadly.

    Liked by 1 person

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