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For a month now, every morning when I stepped out into the street, my ears were immediately besieged and invaded by music. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good melody. Yet, when for a whole month leading up to Christmas you hear little else but Christmas tunes, and songs of a merry character, you can get tired of them to the extent of aggressive dislike. When you walk the streets, your head full of problems and exams and the mere superfluity of your existence, and a choir starts singing “Ode to Joy,” it’s just too much to bear.

Also, I feel that by extending the holiday, we rob it of its charm. I believe in the inevitability of getting bored with the things (and people) we are surrounded by for a long period of time. I fear it – but I believe in it, nonetheless. If we keep constantly bumping into something, we grow numb towards it. Let’s keep Christmas special. Let’s not make it into a month-long exhibition of lights and ornaments. They form an essential part of Christmas, of course, and I also love nothing better than shopping for others (Christmasgiftaholic here), but the holiday should be more than appearances. Even if you are not religious. It’s not only about the birth of Jesus. It’s about peace. It’s about love. It should be the celebration of connectedness.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-25505-1368827323-20.gifAnyway. After completing 4 exams in 24 hours, I’m finally free to have a little, well, imaginary freedom and leisure time (I should probably be studying if I wanted to catch up, but it’s Christmas, so… just nope). Goodbye uni, we see each other later. Until then, you are non-existent.tumblr_me64ct8wBO1qg462ao2_500.gifSo, as I said, I have nothing against Christmas music (unless it’s forced upon me for weeks), and as we are rapidly racing towards the day of celebration, it seems to me that it’s a proper time now to share some songs with the internet community.

Thus, here are my 12 songs of Christmas”

1. A Christmas song you are sick of:
All I Want for Christmas Is You” (Mariah Carey). I love the dogs in the clip. That’s it. Otherwise, this is the very song to make me run away and hide somewhere.

2. Your absolute favourite:
It’s “Sussex Carol” (The Priests). I first heard it in a Beatrix Potter TV adaptation and it’s been my favourite ever since. The merry yet solemn character of the song expresses perfectly how I should love to feel about Christmas.

3. A song that makes you feel cosy:
Let It Snow” (Dean Martin), because it’s a great thing to be able to look upon a snowy landscape from the warmth of your home.

4. A song that has something to do with the history of Christmas:
The World Is Turned Upside Down” (Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band).
“It was first published on a broadside in the middle of the 1640s as a protest against the policies of Parliament relating to the celebration of Christmas. Parliament believed the holiday should be a solemn occasion, and outlawed traditional English Christmas celebrations.” (source: Wikipedia)(for further reading: click)

5. A song that is perfect as it is:
Adeste Fideles” (Bruno Pelletier). It’s sublime – but no other language can really do it justice, only Latin.

6. Your favourite Christmas song parody:
Without doubt, it is “All I Want for Christmas Is Food” (Jason Chen).  While I feel bad about this for I know that there are people who are starving, even at Christmas-time, as a uni student, my biggest dream is going home and eating delicious home-made food. Fellow students will understand.
And also The King’s Singers’ version of “Twelve Days of Christmas.” Considering it for real, it’d be quite absurd if your true love sent you milkmaids and leaping lords, wouldn’t it?

7. Your favourite Christmas song lyrics:
From “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear” (The Sixteen, Harry Christophers & Robert Quinney):
“Yet with the woes of sin and strife
The world hath suffered long;
Beneath the angel-strain have rolled
Two thousand years of wrong;
And man, at war with man, hears not
The love song which they bring:
O hush the noise, ye men of strife,
And hear the angels sing.”

8. The saddest Christmas song:
River” (Robert Downey Jr.). “I wish I had a river I could skate away on.”

9. A Christmas love song that you (still) like:
*clears throat* Yeah, it’s “Last Christmas” by Wham!.

10. You favourite Christmas song in your first language (or: Your favourite non-English Christmas song – if your FL is English):
For me, it must be “Betlehemi királyok” by Kormorán. That’s a Hungarian song about the three kings. I grew up listening to it every holiday season, so it’s just a basic part of the Christmas feeling for me. But I also feel intrigued by the idea that kings go and bow down to a little child, that they accept his superiority over them. (That’s why “We Three Kings” is also another one I’m fond of.)

11. A non-Christmas song that is somehow still connected to Christmas for you:
Hope of Deliverance” (Paul McCartney), “Field of Gold” (Sting)  and “Angel” (Robbie Williams) are three songs that once upon a time when I was still in high school, we sang at the Christmas party. Whenever I hear them, I am reminded of that time.

12. Your favourite Christmas soundtrack:
Rudolph the Red Rosed Reindeer (1998) movie. (If you aren’t familiar with it, you can check it out here.) Songs like “We Can Make It” or “What About His Nose” or “It Could Always Be Worse” fill me with the cosy feeling of being a merry, carefree child waiting for magic to take place.


I’m tagging Virág, the writer of Never Let Me Go Blog to complete this, too. ❤

Also, anyone else who wishes to do it, should feel free to copy the questions.
(If you want, you can leave a link below, in the comment section. I’d be curious to read the “12 Songs of Christmas” posts of others.)


What are YOUR favourite songs to listen to this time of year? Do you listen to Christmas songs even if you personally don’t celebrate Christmas?
Feel free to comment below.


12 thoughts on “12 Songs of Christmas – Music Tag

  1. I’m cracking up at your captions for each of these songs, too funny. I grew up in a tourist town that starts celebrating Christmas November 1. Literally, lights up around the entire town, christmas trees every where and all of the shows switch to their holiday productions. It’s insanity. I do love Christmas music.. but in moderation 🙂 I totally agree that Christmas is about peace and love, and that we need to focus more on that aspect than the actual production of Christmas.


  2. My favorite Christmas song is Baby it’s cold outside, I just love it and I know what they say about the song but I still love it. I agree with the MAriah Carey song, my kids have recently found the movie she made for it (kids movie on amazon call All I want for Christmas) and they love it but I hear the song at least twice a day now.


  3. Ha! You’ve named Christmas songs that I’ve never heard of. Didn’t think that was possible. I’m going to look them up. I’ve been in the doldrum for Christmas over the last few years, but this year things are looking up and I’m actually in the mood for Christmas.


  4. Great idea! Reading your selection, I have realized and don’t know many Christmas songs at all, I grew up in Italy and when I was little we focused more on italian music…..I totally agree with you tho…..sick and tired of “All I want for Christmas is you!” 🙂


  5. This is so amazing idea. I love Christmas songs, they bring the festive and positive vibes. My daughter just started school and she has been singing Christmas poems since last few weeks and we do sing them together sometimes.


  6. Wow, 4 exams in 24 hours – that’s a lot! Good for you for finishing them all! I also agree with the Mariah son being over played. I wasn’t a fan he first time I heard it, or the 100th time I heard it.


  7. I was just talking with my friend today about Christmas being a bigger deal than it is. If you don’t want to see family members you don’t enjoy, then don’t! Never feel obliged to do anything you don’t like to do. Such an eye opening blog.


  8. I couldn’t agree more with your intro. In fact, I’m lucky to live in central Europe, where Christmas decorations are set on the 8th December, never earlier. Personally, at home, we haven’t played any Christmas related music until the 22nd December, when we started the actual preparations for Christmas. Too much anticipation kills anticipation!
    My favorite Christmas song is Silent night, the Etta James version. I h-a-t-e M. Carey seasons songs, beurk.


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