Do Judge by the Cover: Winter and Animals

Don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s a phrase we have all heard and read a thousand times. But let’s be honest, and I mean absolutely honest. No matter if we take this sentence figuratively or literally, we all judge by the cover. Some of us do so often, some of us do so but seldom, yet the outside of a book is the first thing that can attract our attention or trigger a sense of aversion. Therefore, covers are highly important.

Now, I don’t know about your surroundings but winter is cold here and, traditionally white. While I love this season for its beauty and for the simple fact that it gives me the chance to wear my favourite sweaters, the gloomy darkness does not actually raise my spirits. By December, I am an incarnation of disillusion towards almost everything and everyone, except for members of the animal kingdom and, occasionally, adorable little children (the former I love to have close by, the latter I prefer to admire from afar).

So, I thought I would bring these two together and create a highly subjective post with 10 wintry covers that also feature some kind of an animal. (Credit for the cover post idea goes to my sister, who’s been doing these kind of posts for a while now ❤ )



I can’t really make up my mind about this cover. I love the portrayal of the bear but somehow the overall impression is just not perfect, I don’t know why. One moment, I love it – the other, I feel unsure. Maybe it’s because of the girl or the way they are positioned or the font… but the bear is adorable.



I appreciate how simple yet symbolic this cover is. No superfluous decoration, only the text and the background image; and the way the animals are headed for a destination only they can see makes me wonder where they are going.

And, honestly, who doesn’t like reindeer?

You know Dasher and Dancer
And Prancer and Vixen,
Comet and Cupid
And Donner and Blitzen.



As you will probably realise by the time you get to the end of this list, I am fond of canines. Any kind. And The Call of the Wild was one of my favourite readings as a child (and I should certainly revisit it).

I like how the cover plays with the transparency of the images, it creates a mysterious, wild atmosphere; and I can almost hear the howl.



The originality of this illustration is breath-taking. The way the bear seems to be both a sort of defender and oppressor to the people underneath him provokes us to reconsider the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems.



Fox-hues are amongst the prettiest colours in the world, and they are set perfectly against the white-grey snowy background. The solitary fox can also carry some hidden meaning. (And I simply love foxes ❤ )



It’s rare (I think) that a character on a cover looks us so directly in the eye. It’s great that the girl creates a connection between herself and the viewer from the very first instant of their encounter. And the Borzoi, of course, is a royal phenomenon.



Firstly, I think that the title is hilarious. As for the picture, it’s interesting how a Little Red Riding Hood look-alike stands side by side with a wolf, and the contrast between the upper and lower half of the cover as well as the little house on their border draw the attention to this novel.



There is a fox on the cover.

I think any further explanation would be superfluous.



A flock of crows will always remind me of the winter. Just today, I watched hundreds of them flying over the city on their way from the meadows to their sleeping area. That’s the most sublime sight, a lot like a Hitchcock movie.



The forest on this cover seems so magical, and with that misty air, it appears calm and peaceful. I have a great admiration for deer and have always been fascinated by birds, and their white silhouettes make them look like guarding spirits. I find the cover as a whole really pleasant to look at.


What are your favourite wintry covers with animals on them? Or your favourite such stories? 

Your comments are highly appreciated, and if you wish, you can submit one below.


27 thoughts on “Do Judge by the Cover: Winter and Animals

  1. I am that kind of person who buy books by the cover though and your post made me laugh cause its really relatable. most times i end up with pretty shitty books like the one i bought few days ago. your list looks enticing and definitely i wont blink twice to buy books with such covers, no lesson learnt from previous.

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